Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) are specific legal documents under the Road Traffic Acts which relate to the operation of the public highway and control for example, parking and loading restrictions, speed limits and prohibiting access by vehicles.

Where a development requires the provision or amendment of an existing TRO this will be carried out by the Local Highway Authority with all associated costs normally recharged to the developer. In some instances the Highway Engineer can take part as “appointed agent” in some of the processes however this role is usually limited due to the format of the process.

The provision of a TRO requires significant consultation with all interested stakeholders such as the Police, Public Transport, Emergency Services, Users Groups and elected officials prior to the formal second stage advertisement of the Order to the public.

Approval to create or amend TRO’s is given to Local Highway Authorities and the appointed Committee will consider the application and any public response. Where TRO’s are linked with development for which planning permission has been granted it will be normal practice for any changes or proposed TRO’s to have been first considered by the Local Planning Authority particularly where they form an integral aspect of the development’s operation.

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