Traffic Modelling and Traffic Plan

Pre Planning Application - Part Three

Modelling of the preliminary designs is carried out in the Transport Assessment using various different bespoke software packages such as PICADY, ARCADY, LINSIG and TRANSYT. These software packages will advise on the suitability of the site access and the key junctions on the local network potentially affected by the development traffic. Where junctions are found to be operating at or already over capacity it may be the case that highway improvements or mitigation measures to reduce the level of car borne trips are suggested.

Traffic Modelling can be extremely complex and include roundabout and traffic signal design etc.

The Travel Plan or Travel Plan Framework

The Transport Assessment will be accompanied by a Travel Plan which will seek, by a number of suggested measures, to reduce the level of single occupancy vehicle trips generated by the development. Travel Plans are an increasingly important tool in the delivery of sustainable development and it is normal for the Travel Plan to be devised in conjunction with the Local Highway Authority. It will be bespoke to the development and its locality and will work to nationally recognised standards for access to local services and travel facilities as well as appropriate walking or cycling distances.

The Travel Plan will include an audit of existing arrangements for access by sustainable travel and measures and initiatives to promote the use of sustainable travel alternatives. The Travel Plan will set out the role of the Travel Plan Coordinator, who may be the Highway Engineer, who will be required as part of the plan to be appointed and to remain in place throughout the life of the development process.

The Plan will set out the base line surveys that will be carried out in relation to existing travel patterns for staff and visitors and will make reference to annual travel surveys to monitor the success of the Travel Plan measures and the reporting procedures back to the Local Highway Authority’s Travel Plan Officer.

A Travel Plan Framework follows the same lines as a Travel Plan but is usually employed where the end users or occupiers of the development are not known. The measures set out in the Travel Plan Framework are then used to devise the follow on bespoke Travel Plan, normally required as a part of the planning approval, when the development is first occupied.

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