The Design and Access Statement

All planning applications must be supported by a Design and Access Statement which sets out the design process which the evolution of the project from concept to detailed design has followed.

The Highway Engineers input to the Statement will reflect the work carried out in either the Transport Statement or Transport Assessment but it is written as an overview of the methodology used and the general outcome and recommendations.

The Statement should also include reference to the Planning Policy and associated national and local guidance documents used together with considerations of crime prevention through layout and plot design as set out in the national guidance Secured by Design produced by the Police.

The Statement should provide a brief overview of:

  • The access designs for all modes of travel to and from the public highway
  • The access arrangements within the site focusing specifically on the needs of vulnerable users and the disabled
  • Parking/garaging facilities
  • Servicing and turning arrangements
  • General construction of the finished surfaces
  • Drainage
  • Access by sustainable modes of travel and the availability of local services

Assistance may be required in consultation with neighbouring property owners and the general public if the project is of an appropriate size or of a sensitive nature. Consultation seeks to identify any issues of conflict and to allow the design to be reviewed if necessary prior to formal planning submission.

Major developments can lead to public meetings or exhibitions where interested parties can “drop in” to view the proposal and discuss its impact or form with team members. Traffic and road safety issues are often a major concern to the public and the Highway Engineer will usually be in attendance to answer questions and explain the traffic and transportation elements of the proposal and the design process. This is very much a two way process as an explanation of the design process can often remove the initial concerns of local residents and by their extensive local knowledge local residents can often also bring a valuable insight to a proposal.

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